Friday, August 31, 2012

8/31 - Strike!!!

So this is my first official blog post abroad, I'm currently on a layover that has gone crazy. I landed at Frankfurt International Airport in Germany at 5:45AM, and we're still here. It's 6PM on the same day - I just want to go to Moscow! Long story short, my airline (Lufthansa) is experiencing a flight attendant strike, which as resulted in a slew of delays and flight cancellations. We've already had to cancel three flights, I've boarded a plane and a bus only to be kicked off due to another cancellation. The only salvation here is the German beer, and some European food. They even sell beer at McDonald's here!

I may end up staying the night, and at least that will cure some of the anxiety from my jet-lag. 

Wilkommen to Deutschland!!!

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